Customer experience should drive digital transformation, says Dorset Creative


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: Customer experience should drive digital transformation, says Dorset Creative.

As more businesses begin their digital transformation, to deliver changes that will bring results, agency Dorset Creative urges them to put customer experience first. As technology advances and digital adoption penetrates more aspects of daily life, digital transformation is no longer something businesses need to do just to get ahead of rivals - it's something they must do to survive.

While embracing technology has many benefits for the business itself, Dorset Creative warns that the customer - and their user experience - should always be at the forefront of the changes. Digital advancements give businesses an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition with a unique selling proposition (USP). A USP is essential, as it provides a superior and stand alone customer service that can foster brand loyalty. And the digital advancements that enable this can also improve a firm's understanding of what is driving their customers to make purchasing decisions.

Rowena Revill, Director of Dorset Creative, said, "The old saying 'customer is king' is more relevant than ever in the digital world. Whether a firm is targeting consumers or businesses, it's now simple for their target audience to instantly find competitors online and compare offerings. An effective digital transformation should make a brand accessible, efficient and therefore, stand out from the crowd. By considering the customer's perspective in all decisions, businesses can ensure their digital transformation benefits both the business and customer, creating a profit generation process based on intuition."

Focusing on the customer allows a business to create specific goals and have a clear outcome in mind during their digital transformation journey. Dorset Creative emphasises that businesses shouldn't view their digital transformation as a set of tasks on a checklist that need to be completed in isolation, but rather as a 'bigger picture' project that, "results in an entire change, scaled across the whole business - glistening every component". Keeping customer experience at the forefront means that the transformation is driven by changing consumer demand - mapping the route to lead the market.

Some businesses find it a challenge to implement a digital transformation that is effective at meeting all of their objectives, whether that is to streamline the sales process internally or to create a responsive website that appeals to customers. Dorset Creative works with a range of businesses and public sector organisations to embed cutting edge technology in their day-to-day operations which will work seamlessly throughout the entire organisation.

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