Global shop solutions improves shop floor security and efficiency with RFID technology


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: Global shop solutions improves shop floor security and efficiency with RFID technology.

In today's cost-competitive manufacturing environment, shaving minutes or even seconds from processes performed hundreds or thousands of times a day can make a real difference in shop floor productivity.

Global Shop Solutions, producer of manufacturing ERP software, helps their customers achieve this goal by using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to simplify time and attendance and routine inventory processes.

Most manufacturers use multiple systems involving front-door badges, barcodes and picture IDs to manage building entry, logging on and off jobs, and visual identification. Global Shop Solutions RFID technology saves time and improves building security by consolidating these three processes into one. Using a single RFID card, employees can now gain entry at the front door, clock into jobs, and visually identify their authorisation to be in the building.

"Our mission is to simplify manufacturing," says Global Shop Solutions CEO Dusty Alexander, "and one way we do that is by helping manufacturers eliminate redundant processes. Our RFID technology eliminates the need for biometric scanners, barcoded employee lists and separate ID badges. As a result, our customers enjoy simpler building entry and ERP system access, faster employee logins, and reduced human error."

When asked what he thought of Global Shop Solutions ERP software, Production Manager Pete Madrid of Bazz Houston, a customer for nearly 18 years, responded:

"I like the fact the Global Shop Solutions continues to work hard at staying ahead of us by constantly adding new features to the system."

Adding new features is a continual effort at Global Shop Solutions, which is why its RFID technology is offered to customers at no additional cost. The only expense to users is a small investment in RFID readers and inventory labels with embedded RFID chips.

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