New pocket size scanner with RFID by DENSO


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In the retail industry today, customers have high expectations. To build a profitable and engaging in-store experience, companies need full control not only at the point of sale (POS) but also from storage to inventory, to staff enablement, to personal shopping solutions – and in many other areas.

DENSO, part of the Toyota group, offers mobile data solutions and reliable devices for the retail industry.

The latest addition to the company's range of scanners and handheld terminals is the SE1-BUB-C, a pocket size scanner with built-in RFID technology, which was designed especially for one-to-one RFID tag processing from short distances. "The optimal scanning distance is about 3 cm, while the actual reading distance depends on the individual RFID tag," said Sina Haupt, Marketing Assistant at DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit. "The SE1-BUB-C offers a unique reading experience on short distances, which, in contrast, is not possible for high-output RFID scanners designed for wide-range and collective scanning."

The new pocket size scanner weighs only about 70 g and can be conveniently stored and carried all day long, making it perfect for workplaces where staff members consistently need to carry a scanner. It also prevents scanning of other nearby RFID tags, and thus, guarantees the smooth and quick processing of RFID tags one at a time. Another advantage is that the SE1-BUB-C can easily connect with other Bluetooth devices simply by scanning a setup code. "This feature offers various benefits", says Haupt. "For example, on-the-spot inventory checking can be done while serving customers in a store. That helps the staff to accurately access information and add value to the customers' experience." The pocket size innovation is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.

Furthermore, the SE1-BUB-C offers a function to convert any RFID tag written in SGTIN-96 to an EAN code. The application for this can be used without any modification, and as a result, the same scanning unit can be used to read barcodes and RFID tags. DENSO's new device enables switching to RFID tags with the same operational feel. "Just aim and read with the pocket RFID – that is what DENSO wanted to make possible for retailers", said Haupt. "With our SE1-BUB-C, the steps to set-up the device are so much easier now. The staff can quickly issue an RFID tag, inspect in-coming and out-going goods and serve customers while checking the inventory. We have had a great feedback from users who have already tried and tested the device, and that makes us very satisfied."

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