New online retail tool ‘proven to optimise sales in record time’


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: New online retail tool ‘proven to optimise sales in record time’.

Optiseller is a new online retail tool which reviews over 50m products each week. Over 3000 users have already signed-up to use Optiseller, which is reportedly proven to quickly enhance performance by analysing all online activity in real time, and then almost instantly flagging up any issues which may be impacting sales.

Many of the Optiseller users who successfully resolve issues the software highlights have seen sales grow by up 200% within the first month.

Optiseller, which has been developed by ecommerce experts Developing IT, is one of the most powerful analysis and sales performance improvement tools available to online retailers today. At the heart of the system is the Optiseller dashboard which dynamically displays a wealth of information on KPI's so that sellers on eBay and other channels can take action in real time. Using a traffic light system, the platform highlights any serious issues with a red light.

This could be a duplicate listing or poor item specifics; issues which mean a seller could be suspended from a site and prevented from trading. Optiseller has a suite of off-the-shelf tools which can then be used by the seller to rectify the problem. In addition, the platform offers a wealth of analytical data such as listing numbers, hit count, conversion rate and competitor comparison.

Using these tools, Optiseller can provide a full online store review. This provides deep and detailed analysis of how a seller ranks against the competition using a range of KPIs and offers recommendations on what actions can be taken to improve performance.

Declan Power, Optiseller COO, said: "We have built Optiseller based on our many years of experience in ecommerce and working with leading channels such as eBay and Amazon. Our seller tools have been designed to help with performance reporting, competitive analysis, data back-up and recovery, content generation, policy compliance and commercial strategy. The system dynamically flags up any areas of concern with recommendations for actions. We have a number of tools within the system that sellers can immediately access to resolve the issue."

He added: "Our goal as a company is to help support online retailers to optimise their online performance and ultimately maximise their sales. The system has been built from the ground up based on our intimate knowledge of the processes, policies and procedures of the key online channels as well as proprietary and own brand.

Optiseller is the result of a collaboration between experienced eCommerce professionals who have seen first-hand the requirements of sellers, brands, partners and marketplaces for performance and content data that is available quickly, easily and consistently in formats that work for them. We can also provide bespoke solutions as well as comprehensive online store audits."

Over 3,000 users have signed up for Optiseller to date, including many household name retailers and brands. Over 50m listings are reviewed each week across all verticals and users who avail of the strategic recommendations made by the system typically experience immediate significant growth in their business.

The platform is used by those in eCommerce who wish to take a data driven approach, from niche sellers who require off the shelf tools to help manage their specialist business on a single marketplace, to retailers and brands with a global footprint across multiple verticals who need integrated solutions to connect with their own systems and data. Optiseller also works with major international eCommerce players to offer expert consultancy and bespoke data solutions.

Developing IT has been involved in the eCommerce sector for 10 years and has assembled a management team for Optiseller with leading edge experience in IT and eCommerce. Craig MacCallum has been managing director of Developing IT since 2004. He is an eCommerce subject matter expert and has driven the launch of over 350 stores across a broad range of eCommerce platforms, with a specific focus on eBay and Amazon.

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