Street Smart Retail’s impact: disrupting the retail landscape with 50 innovative solutions


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: Street Smart Retail’s impact: disrupting the retail landscape with 50 innovative solutions.

Street Smart Retail, an EIT Digital supported High Impact Initiative (HII) is coming to an end after three years of intense work, and it's time to take stock of the what has been achieved. More than 50 service solutions were sold to key customers in Europe, North America, Asia and selected Latin American countries.

The initiative was launched in 2015 - after a preparation phase in 2014 - with the goal of creating and commercialising omnichannel experiences on top of a Digital Retail Suite (a modular platform enabling virtual and physical actions based on data from several sources including customer-originated data).

The aim of Street Smart Retail was to bring completely new digital capacity to shop owners in the new retail landscape, enabling them to leverage opportunities coming from omnichannel retailing including new products, services and the creation of new jobs.

A number of products and services were created in the process: the innovative solutions range from using augmented and virtual reality tools in the layout of stores and for promotional display, to inventory management and store management systems.

Partners such as Italian company Reply, for instance, created an app to help customers find their way around Ostermann shops (the largest furnishing company in Germany). BT Italia set up interactive pop-up stores where customers make use of "augmented" dressing rooms and have their moves tracked by sensors that deliver precious information about their shopping behaviors.

"The digital transformation has already shaped the retail sector in an irrevocable way. EIT Digital and partners have now created tools and solutions for retail chains or even smaller merchants so they can provide new level of services to their customers in a scalable and affordable manner." Digital Industry Leader at EIT Digital, Petri Liuha says.

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