Datalogic solutions increase business process efficiency over 100% at mobile phone accessories distributor, Partner


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: Datalogic solutions increase business process efficiency over 100% at mobile phone accessories distributor, Partner

Partner appeared on the Polish market in 2001 and quickly became one of the largest distributors of mobile phone accessories in the country.

Targeting continuous improvement and expansion in domestic and foreign markets, the company created over ten thousand products in 300 commodity groups. The company launched its own brands - Blue Star, Blue Star Premium and Forcell Chic, strengthening its position as a producer of telephone accessories. Strong relationships with the best suppliers means Partner offers high quality goods while keeping prices competitive.


The number of products offered was rapidly increasing, likewise, the number of orders was also growing. The logistics department was feeling the stress and becoming more inefficient. The company invested in the construction of a new warehouse and needed a modern system delivering current information about the stored goods. This system had to eliminate frequent human mistakes, the circulation of paper documents and optimise critical business processes. As part of the solution, Partner demanded reliable and failure-free devices that would automatically identify their goods.


Eric Kolodziej, IT administrator Partner, said: "We needed equipment that would be useful in a mobile mode and at stationary positions to verify completed customer orders. For us, the most important issue was the ability to free the hands of the employee." Working with Elandis, a Datalogic Gold Partner and WMS supplier, Partner received a solution tailored to their needs.

Partner deployed handheld Skorpio X3 mobile computers for use in the process of admission, disposing goods in warehouse locations, and conducting inventory.

Kolodziej explained: "Working with a large assortment of multi-sized items and a specifically configured storage space makes the use of mobile devices a necessity. Employees, responsible for inventory need to be able to use devices and applications both in the office and warehouse. The devices needed be light, but also robust and suitable for use in warehouse conditions; a crisp, clear display and fast, hassle-free reading of damaged codes, is also a necessity." The Skorpio X3 has fully satisfied all the customer requests.

Shortly, after implementation of Skorpio X3 devices, Partner implemented Magellan 2200VS readers as a stationary solution for use at disposal stations. The Magellan 2200VS readers are the main element of dedicated workstations used for verification and packaging of completed goods. These scanners significantly sped up processes and eliminate human errors.

Kolodziej continued: "An employee places on a table completed items then scans a code on the DN document. This loads the list of goods to verify in the Feniks WMS and displays them on the computer screen. Then warehouseman can use both hands to scans codes of completed goods, which disappear from the WMS list on the display."

Adam Zieba, warehouseman at Partner, added: "The big advantage of Magellan readers is the scanning speed. We chose a vertical installation, so that the scanned product does not damage the glass, does not generate additional operating costs, and maximises the productivity of the workers."


Datalogic devices have become an important component of everyday life at the Partner warehouse. The solution is helping to build the company's image among their customers as a reliable and secure business partner. In just a few months, the implementation of Feniks WMS system and Datalogic devices, Partner recorded a significant decrease in the number of shipping errors and a remarkable acceleration of warehouse processes. These successes are resulting in an increased number of completed orders.

Zięba summarised: "Feniks WMS and Datalogic devices allowed us to handle almost 200% more orders than before. By eliminating mistakes, we regained time which was previously devoted to misunderstandings. Above all, we have become more credible in the eyes of our customers and business partners. If, in the future, we need more equipment, definitely we will choose Datalogic devices."

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