Can companies build a more resilient last-mile delivery operations in today’s competitive landscape?


By Maarten Hemmes, CarPal CEO & Founder.

This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: Can companies build a more resilient last-mile delivery operations in today’s competitive landscape?.

As logistics is changing rapidly, more companies continue to look for ways to improve and optimise their last-mile delivery based on customer's demands and pressure from upcoming trends in the market. But to succeed, they will need to factor in more strategies that will allow them to leverage their services and offer a better delivery experience.

Tech is known to be at the centre of such change, continuously pushing for innovation and helping engage companies throughout the supply chain with instant communication and visibility into drivers and orders.

Thanks to smart features and expertise in executing them, such platforms help with efficiency of the operations and a better customer experience.

As operations managers deal with recurring issues like lack of control and visibility over deliveries and drivers, as well as lack of proper planning for pickups and drop-offs, they need to act and find solutions to fill in these gaps.

A solution remains using tools that offer access to end-to-end visibility, the ability to plan deliveries with proper routing algorithms and real-time alerts to spot issues during the process.

On top of tech, another detrimental strategy is the ability to make full use of internal and external resources to ensure a high fulfilment rate.

Tapping into crowdsourcing means that companies need to take into consideration planning internal operations and delivery teams to determine the distribution of the resources to minimize cost and maximize fulfilment rate for daily deliveries.

It has been proved that many of the hurdles about creating high fulfilment for a delivery operations can be solved with technology that helps partner companies, partner fleets and freelance drivers or contractors to operate successfully in an open-walled and flexible environment where logistics players can plug 'n play based on their immediate needs.

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