Atheon Analytics helps UK supermarket suppliers become data-driven with Snowflake


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: Atheon Analytics helps UK supermarket suppliers become data-driven with Snowflake.

Snowflake Computing, the data warehouse built for the cloud, has announced that Atheon Analytics, a leading data visualisation company has chosen Snowflake to supply real-time data insights to UK supermarket suppliers, helping identify any service issues, stock replenishment needs and quantify the impact on waste and sales across the entire supply chain.

Formed in 2005, Atheon Analytics has been working with UK retailers to realise the benefits of exploring, analysing and communicating organisational performance through visual data analytics. Having previously used Microsoft's SQL Server and Exasol, Atheon Analytics chose Snowflake to power its SKUtrak SaaS platform for its ability to manage and share large datasets in real-time, while offering elasticity for peak periods of activity.

Guy Cuthbert, CEO and founder of Atheon Analytics said: "Through visualising data in SKUtrak, retailers and their suppliers can explore regular patterns and anomalies to identify opportunities for improvement across the entire grocery supply chain. This results in increased availability, reduced waste and meeting shopper needs. Many suppliers to the large supermarkets are still using outdated and clunky systems which simply aren't effective at handling large datasets and making this data accessible in real-time. By capitalising on Snowflake's cloud data warehouse infrastructure we've been able to help grocery suppliers achieve this, at lower cost and with greater flexibility than with previous big data platforms."

Guy continued: "A crucial aspect for SKUtrak is the ability to scale compute and storage according to demand. For our customers there are peak periods of activity where data is being created on mass and being processed through our data channels. During these peak periods we can now scale up our processes with Snowflake automatically and then dial this back down during lower periods of activity. This elasticity has not only been a major driver of performance, but also enabled us to improve cost efficiencies in the process."

To continue driving insights for retail suppliers, Atheon will continue to leverage Snowflake's data platform and collect more data on a granular level. Increasingly, data is being collected and analysed based on individual stores rather than at an overall business or depot level, providing even more useful insights and recommendations for retail suppliers.

Thibaut Ceyrolle, VP of EMEA said: "Our work with Atheon is a great demonstration of how we're enabling retailers make the most of their data across the supply chain. Atheon has already been using Snowflake to power its new data collaboration with supermarket Co-Op, to significantly reduce out-of-stock incidents and waste. On a broader level, it's exciting to see how the retail industry is changing as supermarkets begin tapping into the power of real-time insights - not just within their business, but also with external suppliers and partners."

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