OneMarket introduces customer activation platform dedicated to retail


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: OneMarket introduces customer activation platform dedicated to retail.

OneMarket has announced the availability of the OneMarket Customer Activation Platform, claimed to be the first combined data management platform and solutions ecosystem built exclusively to help retailers, brands and venues identify, understand and communicate with customers to build longer-lasting, more profitable relationships.

Combining decades of retail and customer lifecycle expertise, OneMarket traces its heritage to the Westfield Corporation and Westfield Labs. As a newly independent entity, OneMarket is leveraging the technological assets and financial investments made under Westfield to bring a turn-key, cloud-based platform technology to market for the benefit of the retail industry. 

The OneMarket Customer Activation Platform is the company’s first major technology release, purpose-built to address the complex customer identification, data management, analytics, and customer engagement challenges retailers face today.

Across the board, traditional retailers are struggling to keep up in the wake of industry-wide disruption. In addition to increasing competition from online giants, many retailers lack the resources, teams and expertise to effectively solve the complex issue of managing and activating customer data. While legacy solutions intended to address some of these challenges, few, if any, are focused exclusively on supporting retailers and none bring deep retail expertise combined with an affordable and approachable platform with built-in engagement solutions. OneMarket’s Customer Activation Platform is a first-of-its-kind offering specifically built to address this growing market gap.

“Most retailers today face considerable technology and data deficits, putting them at an unsustainable competitive disadvantage,” said OneMarket CEO, Joe Polverari. “Our deep roots in retail give OneMarket broad perspective on the industry’s challenges, and we’ve paired that with our expertise in emerging technologies.  We’ve built our Customer Activation Platform to give retailers a leg-up, and are confident it can serve as an essential foundational component to any retailer’s customer lifecycle management efforts.”

With a single integration, the OneMarket Customer Activation Platform seamlessly:

  • Identifies online and offline customers regardless of channel, with automated data capture tools that are compelling for customers to use
  • Unifies customer data from across the retail organization with behavioral and transaction data to create robust, real-time customer profiles
  • Understands customers in an entirely new way with AI-driven, retail-specific segmentation and analytics for automated activation
  • Activates customer data through an engagement solutions ecosystem that empowers retailers to communicate with customers in entirely new and proven-effective ways, including via highly-targeted advertising and post-purchase communications
  • Optimizes engagement through multi-touch sales attribution to ensure budgets are being well spent and communications are effective and impactful
  • Onboards Quickly and Easily to provide significant, measurable ROI within 60 days or less and with minimal operational effort on the retailer’s part

While a single integration powers access to the entire range of capabilities across the platform, retailers have the flexibility to choose which aspects to use at any one time and do not have to change a single thing in their existing solutions sets or technology stacks to find value.

The OneMarket Customer Activation Platform is available to new and existing customers in the US and Europe, with plans for expansion to additional markets in the future. Based in San Francisco, OneMarket is partner to some of the industry’s most innovative retailers and brands including JackRabbit, Oasis & Warehouse, Halfords and Links of London.

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