Feelunique partners with Contentsquare to improve insight


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: Feelunique partners with Contentsquare to improve insight.

Feelunique has partnered with digital experience analytics platform, Contentsquare, to deliver improved ecommerce functionality, and increased conversion rates and revenue, for the beauty e-retailer to replatform its online presence.

Feelunique represents 500 brands, offering over 35,000 products, so deciding which products need to be featured and on which page they should appear was a challenge. Feelunique’s CEO, Joel Palix, was recommended Contentsquare, a platform designed to fit neatly into ecommerce brands’ existing technology stacks. Offering the additional visualisation and ease of use that traditional analytics tools do not yet provide, Joel immediately recognised the benefits that the digital insights platform’s unique user experience analysis would offer not only him and Feelunique’s content planning team, but the business overall.  

Joel explains: “We were at a stage where we wanted to replatform our site and improve the customer journey, so we had sought an advanced solution, for allowing people like me who are not specialised in data to get a good understanding of what’s happening on the site, to make the experience better for our audience. When you are an e-merchant, everything that’s happening on the site is so important as the site is your store. Understanding where the customer is going and what is activating engagement and ultimately what will generate revenues is of utmost importance. Contentsquare helped us understand what’s happening on each and every page so when we replatformed, we could take that into account for the new site. On an ongoing basis though, Contentsquare is being utilised as more of a way of permanently improving our site’s navigation.”

Through making user experience insights and interpretation of analytics data available to everyone in the company, Contentsquare has enabled the personal transformation of Feelunique’s entire team, at every level of the business, to make decisions to improve the site and increase conversions and revenue. Contentsquare’s simple visual dashboard has enhanced the beauty e-retailer’s digital decision and the personal transformation that Contentsquare usage has empowered within Feelunique is something that all of the teams have embraced. It offers Feelunique’s teams the opportunity to provide their customers with more relevant content in line with those customer's individual preferences.

Carla Martini, Head of Content Planning and Publishing, Feelunique commented on the evolution of her own role, via Contentsquare: “I oversee all of the content that is added to the website on a daily basis, so I have sole responsibility for deciding what content to use to promote certain products and inform visitors on product details. People interact with beauty in their own personal, unique way, so content is paramount in terms of making sure that the user is guided in the right way.

“Contentsquare has almost transformed my role here at Feelunique. Before Contentsquare, we were working in the dark really, making guesses about whether people were reading articles that we’d added or positively interacting with the article content or buying products mentioned in those articles. Contentsquare is now an integral part of my daily routine as it allows me to quickly make decisions that have a positive impact on both conversions and revenue.”

Duncan Keene, UK Managing Director at Contentsquare, concluded: ”In addition to replatforming, Feelunique’s aim is to become the number one online beauty retailer, so the company wanted a solution that all the teams can use to help them achieve that goal. The technology had to empower them with the ability to understand issues, abnormalities or peaks of activity quickly, in order to reduce decision-making time as well as detect specific opportunities, such as understanding which products are being clicked on most and on which pages, and what elements might be limiting conversion. Although improving conversion rate optimisation tools can create a competitive advantage, in order to get customers to that end point, every retailer needs to offer them as smooth and frustration-free an experience as possible, which is exactly what the Contentsquare platform can help with.”

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