Barcoding, Inc. shares new research and resources for businesses migrating to Android mobile computing in 2020


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: Barcoding, Inc. shares new research and resources for businesses migrating to Android mobile computing in 2020.

Barcoding, Inc. has released initial findings from its comprehensive research project that addresses Windows Mobile going end of life in 2020. Rugged device manufacturers have selected Android as the new operating system, requiring a tailored technological shift for all enterprises leveraging Windows Mobile devices for their automated data collection processes. 

Over the course of 2019, Barcoding coordinated several research initiatives to help our customers prepare for change and take advantage of the opportunities of the Android operating system. During the first phase, Barcoding gathered insights through an online survey and then conducted in-depth interviews with their top customers to better understand how companies are facing the migration to Android. 

During the final phase, Barcoding met with customers and industry leaders across the U.S. and Canada during Android in the Enterprise “Geek Tanks” — a series of networking events that included a panel of experts and a human-centered design workshop. The program’s combined efforts lead the way in readying enterprise companies for Android and for setting the stage for continuous improvement in the future. Barcoding’s initial findings show how companies are thinking about the transition to Android, how they plan to implement new technology, and critical recommendations to reduce risks and capital expenditures during the transition. 

Additional findings from the Barcoding research include:

  • 46% of companies surveyed do not plan to upgrade in 2019, placing pressure on their organizations next year as Windows Mobile goes end of support.
  • 32% of companies surveyed feel unprepared for managing technology transitions.
  • 26% of companies surveyed plan to outsource the management of their devices to a third-party firm.
  • 38% of companies surveyed believe that financial justification is still the number one barrier to change.

“While this is a significant technology shift, it is not new to us. We’ve helped our customers in the past successfully navigate the challenges that arose when proprietary operating systems were replaced by DOS, and then again when Windows emerged,” said Greg Henry, VP of Client Solutions for Barcoding. “We look forward to serving as a resource for our customers and other companies in the industry as they manage the migration to Android.”  

Initial research findings have been compiled in Barcoding’s Guide to Android Migration. Barcoding will be publishing additional insights from the workshop series and surveys throughout 2020 as Android implementation continues. Current customers and companies with a vested interest in the topic can refer to Barcoding’s Android in the Enterprise online resource site as they navigate the changes to come. 

“Our number one priority is to make sure our customers are equipped for changes in the industry,” said Jody Costa, VP of Marketing. “Knowledge is power, and this information will better equip our customers to maximize their investment in mobile technology and future proof them for the inevitable changes to come.”

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