The new Datalogic Memor 20 combines Enterprise PDA strength with the user friendliness of a Smartphone


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: The new Datalogic Memor 20 combines Enterprise PDA strength with the user friendliness of a Smartphone.

With its new Memor 20, Datalogic comments that it is launching a PDA that empowers users in retail, field services, logistic environments and healthcare with a device that combines the best features of a smartphone with the highest standards of enterprise level devices.

The Memor 20 PDA offers a large 5.7’’ full HD touch screen and a dual IP65 & IP67 protection in a smartphone form factor design. Datalogic states it delivers everything workers need to ensure utmost efficiency whether inside a store, a warehouse, a hospital, or outside in the field. The embedded Datalogic 2D ultra-slim imager – with Datalogic patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for good-read confirmation, speeds up any kind of barcode reading.

Tom Burke, Vice President of Mobile Product Marketing at Datalogic, says: “We designed the Memor 20 for enterprises that have the most demanding mobile requirements, such as: transportation/logistics drivers out on the road who are required to log each package during long delivery days; retail distribution where employees who are up and down aisles and using forklifts; retail stores for assisted shopping, mobile POS, inventory management and price verification.” 

The Memor 20, has been validated by Google as an “Android Enterprise Recommended” rugged device, and offers operators the familiar AndroidTM 9 user interface to simplify and expedite deployment. For improved productivity in hands-free environments and multitasking, the PDA is equipped with a secondary notification display on the top of the device. This allows users to immediately see a preview of incoming notifications, and immediately choose whether to interrupt or finish a current task before responding. Thanks to the front and rear hi-resolution auto-focus cameras, the Memor 20 enables versatile image and video capture for demanding multi-media applications.

To guarantee constant 24/7 operation and eliminate maintenance caused by dirty or defective contacts, the Memor™ 20 comes with wireless charging technology. This technology also ensures fast and easy charging and reduces downtime. Additionally, Datalogic is the only manufacturer to pair contactless charging with a one-piece battery that can be swapped by users in field. 

To avoid unauthorised use, loss, or theft, securing the use of the devices while making each employee accountable, the accessories include a newly developed connected smart dock with a locking function. In addition to its robust design, for guaranteeing a superior and long-lasting performance, the user-friendly Memor 20 mobile computer comes with a powerful Qualcomm processor, a superior battery management, and ultimate connectivity capabilities.

All the Memor 20 models are disinfectant-ready, specifically designed to resist to the more aggressive chemicals and cleaners typically used for sanitisation of devices by hospitals and healthcare providers, and which may be in use in other businesses encountering new sanitizing rules around the current covid-19 outbreak.

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