Logo visibility in email could revitalize consumer interaction

By Sabrina Evans, Content Manager at Red Sift.

Email is vital for any business, it's the structural glue that underpins the key lines of communication between company and consumer.

From promoting new products and offers to sending tracking updates and invoices, email is the foundation which keeps the wheels of ecommerce turning. But as with anything, the evolution of how businesses use this channel is inevitable, making it work harder for their goals and needs.

Recently, Google announced its support for Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), a new standard which allows businesses to attach their registered logo to any DMARC authenticated emails they send. In partnership with Entrust, we at Red Sift have carried out research to investigate how showing a registered logo affects consumer interaction with the emails they receive, and determine if this new standard could shape how we use and view email going forward.

Boosting email open rates  

From sharpening subject lines to praying for better inbox placement, improving open rates is an uphill battle for most businesses. So, being able to attach registered logos to emails is an exciting development for all email marketers and wider businesses. In our research, we found that regardless of brand strength, size or market share, when a registered logo was attached to an email, open rates shot up by as much as 39%. Not only this, but we repeatedly saw how brands that didn’t display logos lost out. Considering the positive impact showing a logo has on open rates, and how not displaying one could put businesses at a disadvantage, we feel BIMI (and DMARC) are likely to be every marketer’s top priority to implement in the weeks and months to come.

Standing out from the crowd  

Consumers are constantly bombarded by brands, messaging and promotions via email. In this day and age, standing out from competitors is something all businesses need to strive for. Because ultimately, the better your target market knows you, the more likely they are to buy from you. But does having a visible logo on an email impact how well a consumer remembers your brand? We found that for one competitor UK supermarket, showing a logo in email increased brand recall by an eye watering 120%! In a world where businesses are going to great lengths to stand out from the crowd, BIMI and the logo visibility it enables could be a transformative measure for gaining valuable real estate in the memory of the consumer. 

Gaining more market share  

Probably the most important success metric for email is purchases, and we found that showing a logo in emails can positively influence this too. In the research, we compared how logo visibility impacted purchasing decisions on emails from a selection of leading and competitor food delivery services brands, and we were impressed by the results. While attaching a logo to an email might seem like a relatively simple concept, it yields significant results; as much as 34% increase in buying behaviour in the US and 32% in the UK. What’s even more impressive is that these results weren’t gained by the market leaders, but instead by smaller competitors, suggesting the positive impact on buying is irrespective of brand strength or market share. Could adding a logo to emails using BIMI be the magic formula businesses need to boost their share of sales? 

Accelerating consumer confidence 

In an age where phishing attacks, ransomware, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) are more prevalent than ever, businesses need to take every opportunity to safeguard their email communications and secure consumer trust in their legitimacy. In our research, we found that showing a logo on email increased consumer confidence by as much as 90%. While BIMI is not a security standard in itself, it does use DMARC in order to work. DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance. When it’s configured correctly, it stops hackers from being able to carry out attacks by impersonating your domain and brand. So by deploying DMARC, businesses are safeguarding their customers, employees, supply chain and brand reputation. And now, thanks to the logo visibility enabled by BIMI, customers and contacts have a clearer indication that the email has really come from you.

To find out more about how logo visibility in email could secure and supercharge your email campaigns, download the full report.

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