Voxter Vantage: the perfect voice computer for Lydia Voice


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: Voxter Vantage: the perfect voice computer for Lydia Voice.

Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) is taking voice-directed processes in the logistics sector to the next level with its new hardware solution, Voxter Vantage.

The latest generation of mobile voice computer, which was developed for the innovative Lydia Voice technology, is setting new standards in terms of overall performance, stability and durability. In comparison to its predecessor model, the Voxter Vantage enables 300 percent faster voice recognition, is equipped with the optimised enterprise operating system Android Industrial+ and offers considerably improved WiFi performance.

Seamless interaction between hardware and software is the key to a successful voice solution in a logistics environment. The innovative software Lydia Voice harnesses artificial intelligence for its voice recognition. “Customers who switch from other voice systems to LYDIA Voice witness a 6 to 18 percent increase in productivity on average,” explains Tim Just, CEO Voice Solutions at EPG. “In Voxter Vantage, Lydia Voice customers are now receiving a hardware solution that increases productivity and performance even further, leading to greater overall performance.”

Voxter Vantage impresses with its unique and particularly low-maintenance design as well as new technical components that offer significant performance gains. Its computing power, for instance, is six times greater than that of its predecessor model. It also uses the state-of-the-art enterprise operating system Android Industrial+, which has been optimised especially for Voxter Vantage.

“Voxter Vantage works in perfect harmony with LYDIA software. They combine many years of development expertise with the latest hardware and software technology. EPG is therefore offering the most advanced package currently available on the voice technology market. A 300 percent increase in voice recognition speed can be achieved simply by switching to the new Voxter Vantage model,” stresses Just.

The enterprise operating system Android Industrial+ offers the modern and future-proof software ecosystem of a standard Android system, but has been specifically optimised for the much greater requirements in logistics and industrial environments. It supports reliable and fast data transmission via WiFi, NFC or Bluetooth in accordance with the latest transmission standards. It also guarantees a high level of data security, as it does not use the services of third parties.

Moreover, the product offers greater control over settings that are relevant for voice applications. This includes the automatic calibration of microphone sensitivity, smart Lydia Voice software features and extended configuration options. In combination with the latest technical components, a high-power WiFi card and the advanced operating system Android Industrial+, this helps ensure a much more stable WiFi performance.

Voxter series products are extremely durable and low-maintenance. Mechanical moving parts are purposely not incorporated into their design. When in use, the products can be operated by voice command alone. This prevents wear and tear and minimises the need for repairs. For the first time, EPG has been able to statistically prove just how durable Voxter hardware is in practice. The mean time to failure (MTTF) metric indicates how long devices can be used on average until repairs are necessary. “The MTTF for our Voxter series is 8.9 years,” explains Just. “This is an outstanding figure that attests to the stability of our hardware and its enormously long life cycle.”

EPG guarantees a life cycle of at least ten years for the Voxter Vantage. The hardware is available for at least five years and support is guaranteed for at least a further five years. Thanks to the Voxture SafeGuard guarantee, the technology is also supplied with updates and security patches for the entirety of its life cycle.

Voxter Vantage also offers a real advantage in term of costs. Over the course of the product’s life cycle, total costs are lower than for comparable devices on the market. An additional advantage for established customers is that the mobile voice computer is compatible with existing equipment from the Voxter series, including the Lydia VoiceWear order picking vest.

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