Should You Get a Digital Menu for Your Bar? Here Are The Facts to Keep in Mind


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By Richard Grant, freelance writer.

Bars spend a lot of money updating their menus, especially if they run a lot of promotions. On the other hand, some restaurants will lose business because they aren’t updating their offerings frequently enough. Either way, a digital menu can do a lot to solve your menu woes.

Why You Should Use a Digital Menu For Your Bar

A digital menu won’t just do more to serve your customers; it’ll also increase your bottom line. If you’re in the market for a menu change, here’s why you should keep it digital.

More Branding Opportunities

Loyalty is crucial in the bar and restaurant industry. If your customers feel a connection to your brand, they’re more likely to come back for more, which fosters constant growth for your business. Digital menus can include your brand's values, message, visuals, and so much more.

Restaurants that stock their own “signature beers” tend to stand out from other eateries. By opening a brewery, you could see your profits soar. Plus, it’ll do a lot for your branding.

Easy to Set Up and Change

All you need to create a digital menu is a website, which you already have, and software. If you’re also using a digital menu board on top of that, you’ll need a way to display your menu, which will likely include a computer monitor or television that offers seamless playback.

Once your menu is set up, you’ll be able to update your menus without consulting a graphics company.

You’ll also have a lot more space to work with, meaning you can see each food’s calorie content, pictures, nutritional profile, and other important information in real-time.

Improved Efficiency

One thing that stops bars and restaurants from updating their menus frequently is downtime. While you could update your menu before and after each promotion, you still need to wait for the menu to arrive, which limits the number of campaigns you can hold each month.

Digital signage software is flexible, so you can configure your menu when you want. You can change your menu based on the time of day, week, for daily promotions, among other things.

Complete Scalability

If you currently operate multiple locations, a digital menu offers you a centralized control hub to change and update multiple menus at once. All you have to do is make changes at your head office location, and the system will populate your new menu to your desired locations.

If you’re looking to scale, a digital menu allows you to do it faster because you won’t need to worry about the coordination and logistics that typically happen during a menu change.

Digital Menus Cost Less

Small bars and restaurants don’t have the budget to run multiple promotions a month, even though they’d like to. Although having a graphics team on staff can limit some of the costs, you still need to send it to print, gloss it, and change your signage boards and menus.

A digital menu lets you say “goodbye” to all that hassle and gives you more free time to update your website and social media pages, which you absolutely need for marketing. Plus, most digital menu software can update across all of your social pages if you enable that function.

Keeps You Competitive

Tourists and city locals will look up restaurants and bars on their phones 80% of the time, so you can’t afford not to display your menu online. If you place a digital menu outside, passersby will be able to look at your menu and make a note to stop by when you open or during happy hour.

On top of that, you don’t need a host to offer menus at the restaurant, saving you money. In the end, a digital menu helps you compete with other businesses in your niche and location.

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