Dos & Don'ts When Shipping Freight to Jersey


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By John Hayes, freelance writer.

Since the UK left the European Union's customs union, it has meant that British exporters have often sought alternative markets to avoid going down the road of having to make the sort of customs declarations needed to ship freight to France, for example. However, the internal market of the UK can only deliver so much.

Moreover, it would be a mistake to think that shipping freight to Jersey - and any of the Channel Islands - is much the same as serving customers on the mainland. This is because Jersey is not part of the United Kingdom in any official capacity.

As such, different customs rules apply when sending freight to Jersey as would be the case if you had a consignment destined for the Isle of Wight, for example. Nevertheless, Jersey represents a considerable market in its own right. What do you need to know if you plan on sending goods to customers there? Read on to find out.

Dos When Shipping Freight to Jersey

  • Do fill in a customs declaration even for gifts. Papers and greetings cards don't need one but if you are sending your customers even promotional items that have a limited value, Jersey's officials will expect you to include one.
  • Complete the right form when posting and couriering items. According to Barrington Freight, an expert freight forwarding firm with years of experience handling consignments to Jersey, any items under £270 in value must be declared on a form CN22 but you need another one for shipments over this sum.
  • Do label your consignment correctly. Jersey has its own system for addressing goods. You still use the usual street number and name but consignments can be sent to a parish rather than an island. Either way, islands and parishes in the Channel Islands should be written down in block capitals, just like postcodes.
  • Use a PO Box if the firm you are sending goods to has one. If they have one, then there is no need to use the full address. Just write Jersey and the postcode in capitals after the PO Box.
  • Do consider insurance for your consignments to protect your commercial interests.

Don'ts When Shipping Freight to Jersey

  • Don't forget that road freight to France, via Calais or Cherbourg, can mean getting goods sent on to Jersey is quicker, especially if you have a multi-drop consignment plan that includes items going to continental Europe as well as Jersey. Discuss the options with a freight forwarder to work out the most rapid option in your case.
  • Don't write 'Channel Islands' on your address because this tends to slow down the forwarding of goods. Just write Jersey.
  • Never overlook Jersey's information about certain restricted goods, such as pesticides, corrosives and even some electronic items. You won't necessarily be prohibited from sending such freight to Jersey but you will need to make the right declarations.
  • Don't forget that VAT won't apply in Jersey but the local equivalent tax, known as GST, will. As such, you may need a customs clearance agent to help you with certain classes of goods that are subject to GST


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