A Retailer`s Guide To Creating A Great Customer Experience Strategy


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By Ray Donovan, freelance writer.

A great customer experience encompasses many things. It encompasses three critical points: discovery, engagement, and delivery, in addition to the product itself.

As customers navigate the vast world of retail to find the perfect product that would suit their needs, your business should be there to assist them and provide details of your product's features and benefits, appropriately discussed by knowledgeable staff. This could happen online in an e-commerce store or an actual store. A staff that could confidently answer customer queries gives relevance and credibility to a product.

Once customers discover what they want, they should be able to try the product before purchasing them to ensure that satisfaction will be met. Engaging with the product is one-way customers can attest to its efficiency, function, and viability. Allowing customers to have a go also shows the business' trust in their products.

Receiving the customer's money in exchange for the goods is not the end stage of the customer's experience. After-sales service is just as crucial in maintaining the momentum, you have built from the very beginning.

Investing in these practices may not look significant, but studies show that companies that focus on maintaining their customer happiness are 60% more profitable than those that don't. And more importantly, customers who are delighted with the experience are inclined to spend 17% more on your products and services.

Today, the majority of transactions are done on e-commerce sites. Many retailers haven't explored the feasibility of utilizing machine learning in retail to create a great customer experience.

Here's a retailer's guide to creating a great customer experience strategy:

Establish Your Communication Tone

Would you like your customer interaction to be professional but friendly? Vibrant and casual? or friendly and cheerful? When you have identified how you want your communication style with your customers to be, you can now train your team members on the delivery to ensure consistency. Having a consistent tone will make customers feel relevant and not lost. Whoever they talk to carries the brand identity and talks in the same manner.

Make Well-Thought-Out Recommendations

Helping customers discover products that they would benefit from based on their previous purchases is a very efficient way of increasing your sales and, at the same time, creating a more personalized experience for your customers.

Because of machine learning, you can utilize customer data to craft sensible recommendations, not just those focusing on making a profit. It makes sense to offer a coffee grinder to a customer who previously bought artisanal whole bean coffee, right? And it would be such a nonsensical approach to offer that product to a customer who purchased an espresso machine with a built-in grinder. It would appear too obvious that the recommendation was made in haste, probably to push inventory or make space in your storage.

Never Run Out Of Stocks

You have created a great product, but having it depleted at all times leaves customers hanging and questioning your business processes. Machine learning can help you track the movement of your products in real-time so you can replenish them and have them on hand at all times for your customer's satisfaction.

Address Feedback Promptly

Acknowledging your customer's feedback for more than a week after sending the message speaks about your lack of care and attention to how they feel. The timely resolution is critical, especially if the feedback aims to improve your products or service. Unanswered customer feedback or even a query may tend to make customers feel insignificant, and that customer has a high chance of going to your competitor.

Have A Customer Recovery Plan

Not all business is perfect. You will encounter mishaps and unpleasant experiences, but customers must recover from that bad experience so they will not turn their back on you. All employees must execute a service recovery strategy once they face a customer unhappy with a purchase. One of the essential aspects of service recovery is listening without interrupting. And, of course, apologize sincerely. Still, the goal is always to have the customer come back, and you may do this by offering a voucher for their next visit or purchase.

Optimized Special Offers

Since you have a large chunk of customer data, your machine learning tool can quickly determine what kind of offer a specific customer would appreciate based on the history of their purchase in your store. This offer might also be emailed directly to their inbox.

Promote Your Products At The Best Time

Social media and website algorithms can tell you the exact time your target consumers are actively purchasing and through machine learning and artificial intelligence you can promote and let your products be visible to them at these times.  Your customers will appreciate your visibility and your availability for them. And when the timing has been optimized, you may also feature products your customers might be interested in, and this could boost your sales because science can accurately pinpoint which products your customers might be interested in based on their purchasing behavior.

Have Excellent After Sales Service

Receiving the money in exchange for a product is not the endpoint of a transaction. You have to deal with customer queries, suggestions, and dissatisfaction with the product they purchased, and you have to do it with an open heart. Do not take things personally. The customer is criticizing the product and not you as the person. Most customer-centric businesses reiterate customer satisfaction at all times. To guarantee customer happiness is the hallmark of a company with a mission that provides excellent products and service to customers. And as you create more satisfied customers, you can be confident that your sales will grow exponentially.


Receiving multiple emails that say the same thing is a total waste of time for many people. If you can intelligently filter data to develop sales offers that matter to your customers, you will increase your sales and create delighted customers. Good thing machine learning is now available to make this tedious task as easy as possible.

USD1.6 trillion each year is lost in the United States because of poor customer service. Customers are becoming more discerning now, and they won't think twice about transferring to the next best thing. That's why businesses should not stay complacent and always be on their feet and think of innovative ideas to create the best experience for their customers.

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