How to Use Web Scraping to Track Prices and Get Bargains


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By Ebbe Kernel, freelance writer.

Web scraping is a beneficial process for collecting large amounts of data fast. While many businesses have already discovered the benefit of using web scraping to improve their marketing strategies and identify gaps in the market, there are many other uses. Some of these uses might even prove beneficial to individuals, such as using web scraping to track the prices of products and find the best bargains. However, how does this work and where to get started?

In this article, we’ll be looking at how you can use web scraping for price intelligence and discover the best bargains and the tools needed to achieve this. We’ll also be looking at the sneaker market and how residential proxies for sneakers and web scraping tools can help people resell sneakers for profit. Continue reading to discover how you can easily find the best bargains using web scraping.

How to Use Web Scraping to Track Prices and Discover Bargains?

One of the most common web scraping uses is pricing intelligence or tracking prices. There is a lot of information that you can glean from monitoring prices. For one, businesses can collect and monitor their competitors’ prices to ensure that their products are priced better. This, in turn, results in more sales. By extracting public pricing data from various sources, users can also monitor price sensitivity and evaluate aggressive price changes and their transparency. With web scraping and a residential proxy, you can keep an eye on businesses and their prices.                                                                                          

While many businesses use this information to make adjustments to their own pricing to stay competitive. Individuals can use this to find the best deals and bargains. By scraping the prices of specific products, such as a sought after pair of sneakers, you will quickly be able to see which website is selling the product for the best price.

Not only that, but you can also use web scraping to identify upcoming sales and specials. Knowing exactly when a sale or promotion will mean that you’ll have more opportunities to get great bargains. Having this information before means you can formulate a plan by identifying which products you want, and you can be the first in line to buy the items on special.

How Can You Track Prices and Discover Bargains Without Getting Banned?

Many websites do not want to have their websites scraped. This is especially true for commercial websites as they don’t want anyone to have an unfair advantage over another, especially when it comes to limited edition items or specials. Sending multiple scraping requests from your IP address will start to look suspicious to the website and could lead to your IP address being banned.

This is why it’s essential to use proxies along with your web scraping tools. While it is possible to use either a datacenter proxy or a residential proxy, you may have better results with a residential proxy when it comes to web scraping. This is because residential proxies are linked to real devices with ISPs. As such, scraping requests sent through these proxies looks like real website visitors. With rotating IPs, each request will also have its own IP, meaning that you won’t be tracked, suspected or banned.

How to Use These Tools for Sneaker Reselling?

Sneaker reselling has become a popular and lucrative industry. If you’ve ever tried to buy a limited edition pair of sneakers, you’ll know just how difficult this can be. These release batches are usually small and limited to only one set per buyer. If you want any hope of copping sneakers online, you’ll need tools to help improve your chances of success.

Using a sneaker proxy and sneaker bots means that you can send multiple requests to buy the sneakers you want. Since each request is linked to a different IP address, you also increase your chances of walking away with multiple pairs, and since bots are much faster than humans, you also have increased chances of purchasing before they sell out.

Web scraping can also be beneficial as it is the ideal tool to monitor the next drop of limited edition sneakers so that you can be sure you’re prepared. Also, web scraping can help you keep track of the prices of sneakers so that you’ll know the resell worth of your sneakers to sell them for maximum profits.

Final Thoughts

Web scraping is a powerful tool that can be used to track prices and discover the best bargains. Regardless of whether you’re a bargain hunter who thrives by getting the best deals, or a sneaker reseller looking to make a profit from reselling limited edition sneakers, web scraping can help you narrow down the best options. By using web scraping tools with your residential proxy also means you won’t get banned, so you are free to continue finding these great deals.

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