How to Master New Age Marketing


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By Andrew Thompson, freelance writer.

Are your marketing and promotion skills up to date? If terms like a-commerce, pre-store searching, and contactless paying are new to you, then it's probably time for a review. Selling in the digital age is so different from old-school techniques that otherwise competent owners lose out to mediocre competitors who possess new-age marketing skills.

What's the solution? Every manager and entrepreneur need to learn about the new strategies and tactics as soon as possible. Technology changes so quickly that it can be challenging to keep up. The good news is that you have the time to educate yourself and get back in the game.

If possible, earn a college degree in business and acquire the latest set of tools for selling to modern, tech-savvy consumers. Learn how to leverage the power of a-commerce, optimize your commercial websites for pre-store searching, and use contactless payments to ramp up sales. It's a lot to deal with at first, but don't be surprised if your newly-acquired skills start paying off quickly. Here's a plan of attack that can put you back on course asap.

Use A-Commerce

The A in a-commerce stands for automated. Some of the world's fastest-growing businesses have learned to harness the power of automation and leverage the power of making automatic purchases for existing customers who opt-in to the process. The prime example is the subscription club. Clients sign up to receive a different item (of the merchant's choosing) each month or week. Most of the health and beauty clubs operate this way and earn a small fortune with the a-commerce model. In fact, any company that sends regular goods to customers is using the a-commerce model.

Educate Yourself

There are several educational routes you can take if you're interested in acquiring the latest and greatest marketing skills. Earning a college degree is the fastest way to proficiency, but you need a way to pay for tuition and other school-related expenses, which can be considerable even if you attend an online program. That's where student loans come into the picture. Every year, college applicants take out education loans so they can begin coursework without the burden of thinking about money. The vast majority of graduates would not have been able to afford college if not for student loans.

Optimize Your Site for Pre-Store Searches

In the post-COVID digital world, the majority of consumers go online and investigate merchant sites before buying in person or through a website-based shopping cart. If you've ever spent a few minutes online, checking prices at your local pharmacy, grocery store, or favorite gas station, then you've engaged in pre-store searching. Merchants need to create websites, so pre-shoppers can find prices quickly, see on-sale items, compare features of several brands, and more. Whatever you sell, it's essential to expect many of your current and future customers to visit your online store to do various pre-shopping tasks.

Go Contactless

The trend toward contactless payments is changing the way sellers do business in physical stores. Consumers now prefer the no-touch buying method that just a few years ago was still a rarity. Be careful not to force people to use the new technology. Instead, offer it alongside other digital payment devices.

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