3 Ways to Leverage Technology to Increase Foot Traffic in Retail


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By Rob James, freelance writer.

One of the most common concerns among local retailers is in how to increase foot traffic to their location. Sales staff have often gone through rigorous training on how to boost sales when working with customers, but the ongoing dilemma seems to always be getting shoppers into the store.

What many local retailers aren’t aware of is that there are ways to leverage technology to boost foot traffic. Each of the following three strategies have proven effective and are among the very best ways of getting shoppers in your doors.

1. Multi-Channel SEO Content

For at least a decade now, most people search online for new shops and brands. While it is possible to pay for visible ads that will pop up on the first page of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), there are ways to gain organic ranking within the first few entries on page one. It’s all about Search Engine Optimisation, SEO. It begins with data analysis and narrowing down competitive keywords that consumers within your market are searching for.

An agency that specialises in data analysis to find the right amount of competition to use in marketing strategies is useful. Consider hiring a team of pros to analyse your market and then devise competitive SEO strategies. In other words, for higher Google rankings try an SEO agency.

2. Mobile Marketing

If you ever doubt the need for a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy, just step out onto the street in front of your shop and glance around. It would be a winning bet to say that the majority of people waiting to cross at the corner or standing about waiting for a bus are happily clicking away on their mobile phones. In fact, so many consumers find new brands and shops to deal with from a mobile platform that Google even updated their algorithms a few years back.

Mobilegeddon is really a thing and unless websites are responsive for mobile audiences, Google will not list them in mobile rankings. Mobile technology is giving you the advantage because consumers can search for your products while on the move physically, searching for a retailer that sells what they are looking for.  

3. Digital Signage

While the first two technologies are connected technologies, digital signage provides a localised way of calling attention to your place of business. This is the kind of technology you are likely to see outside of banks scrolling promotions such as reduced interest rates. However, more and more local retailers and restaurants are using digital signage technology outside their establishments to indicate they are there, and they are open for business.

Sometimes the signage displays daily specials and other times it's a seasonal message and hours of operation. Nothing attracts attention on a busy street quite like the moving, scrolling lights on the digital display.

These are just three of the ways in which you can leverage technology to increase foot traffic to your place of business. There are so many more, but these are a great place to start. Let technology get shoppers in the door where your ace sales staff can make the sales.  

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