3 Tips for Becoming a Tech Savvy Entrepreneur


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By Claire Knowles, guest writer.

When you are setting out on the entrepreneurial path, you’ll have to learn and master many new skills to succeed. In today's world, one of the key areas you'll need to focus on is to become a tech savvy owner. Years ago, information technology's focus was on software systems that helped you process orders, manage inventory, and the like.

Now tech has moved from being a support system to being a strategic element in every business plan. If you really know technology and you’re committed to keeping up with the latest developments, you can implement new tech initiatives that give your company a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Get the Tech Education That You Need

If you don't come from a direct tech background, you'll need to make sure you get the training and education you need to come up to speed quickly. One of the best ways to do this is to sign up for master classes at your local university or to attend specialized programs that drill down on specific technology subjects. To be able to afford this training, it's helpful to apply for and take out small business loans that will give you the cash you need. Look into the different lenders to see which option best fits your requirements as some do offer resources you can leverage to your advantage.

Master Email Marketing

Although much of the focus today is on social media marketing, and understand what makes a business attractive to online users, you will tap into the real gold mine when you build a great email marketing list and know how to extract its potential. Social media platforms used to let you communicate freely with your customers and prospects, but now they only let you talk to a small handful of your followers unless you repeatedly buy expensive ads to reach them. When you create your own email list, you control with whom and when you communicate. You'll be able to set up auto responders and drip campaigns to nurture prospects along the buying journey. By segmenting your mailing list, you'll also be able to create and send out special offers that appeal to each customer's unique buying needs.

Become an Expert in Online Video

Over the years, we've seen the preferred modes of communication on social media change dramatically. Originally, text posts and writing had influence. From there, it moved to memes and images and social media posts without great images got nowhere. Now, images have given way to video as the key way to get views and attention. One of the best things you can do today to communicate with your existing customers and potential prospects is to become an expert in creating and producing online video. With these specific skills you can post to social media, create video to embed in emails and, best of all, you can build out a strong following and channel on platforms like YouTube. Your videos don't need to be perfect, either. Viewers respond better to videos that are real so just be yourself and try to keep things natural.

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