Online retailer integrates Sage 200 with Shopify Plus and automates order management via BPA platform


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: Online retailer integrates Sage 200 with Shopify Plus and automates order management via BPA platform.

Codeless Platforms has revealed that Graphics Direct, an online retailer of graphic art equipment, has gained significant ROI by using BPA Platform to automate its order management processes and stock synchronisation.

Having moved its online shop from Magento to Shopify Plus, Graphics Direct selected BPA Platform to integrate it with its newly deployed Sage 200 system, as well as Linnworks, Amazon and eBay.

“Our IT partner has been involved in all our solutions and integrations for over sixteen years, and they introduced us to Sage 200. This was due to the fact that we were generating over fifty new accounts every day and our existing Sage 50 solution just couldn’t cope,” says Chris Booth, Managing Director, Graphics Direct. 

“When we deployed Sage 200, our partner started building all these different integrations that would manage the stock and they recommended using Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform. We checked it out and realised it could link everything. This was essential as we also had to install Linnworks as an intermediary.”

The management of data, especially orders and stock levels, is obviously essential for any successful retailer. Automating these processes has, therefore, had a huge impact on the business. 

Booth continues: “We were trying to limit the resources that we needed to process these tasks, which is really where BPA Platform comes in. We don't have to think about the order processing at all. It comes in, from whichever channel it might be, and it's processed through Sage 200 by BPA Platform. The pushing of all the data into our Sage 200 account system is also hugely important. BPA Platform books it, banks it, invoices it - everything really. We don’t get involved in that at all.

“When orders are placed, we have very little involvement until it produces a picking list to the warehouse. This includes all the product locations of where everything is. We then pick everything, enter the order number into our Sage 200 system and it prints out the appropriate delivery label. It also creates a new account for any new customers. 

“The synchronisation of stock is the most important thing for us, because over selling is a big no, no. With everything now integrated, BPA Platform will send us notifications about our stock levels, whether this is low levels, out of stock or reorder levels. These are then posted back onto the website by BPA Platform - updating the stock in date from the manufacturer’s purchase order.” 

BPA Platform’s integration and automation capabilities have provided significant ROI right from the start and has also allowed Graphics Direct to concentrate on other aspects of the business, rather than the mundane tasks of processing data.

Says Booth: “We have developed a business solution that could probably cope with three times as many orders. That's the beauty of it really. It's very scalable. We wouldn’t have to do anything else apart from getting extra packing people. The software is there and it saves a lot of time and effort. We're also looking at using Codeless Platforms’ dedicated Amazon and eBay tools in the next few weeks, as it is a more cost-effective solution. 

“Fifteen, maybe twenty years ago, we probably only had two PCs, with one person processing our orders. Our IT bill was probably a couple of hundred pounds every six months. Although we have grown over the years and the IT bill is higher, it’s nothing like three or four salaries that we would require if we didn’t have BPA Platform in place. That's the key really; it’s saving us a lot of time by integrating a lot of processes together and making it easier.”

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