WordPress Plugins for Retail Stores to Help You Boost Your Sales


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: WordPress Plugins for Retail Stores to Help You Boost Your Sales.

By Alistair Randall, freelance writer.

Let’s make one thing especially clear: there are no perfect WordPress plugins, and many of them are only as reliable as their current reputation. And, even their current reputation can be tainted since it is very easy to buy WordPress reviews.

The point is that WordPress plugins fall in and out of favor all the time. The toast of the week today may be bought out by Nigerian scammers tomorrow. Or, in a more common occurrence, the plugin owner sees its popularity start to wane, and so cranks up the price and adds a bunch of useless features. Here are some WordPress plugins that may help you boost your sales but remember to keep your wits about you when you research and install them.

The Suite Built By WP Masters

They are the Microsoft Office of the WordPress world. The company over at WP Masters has built a series of plugins to help you build a better website and drive more sales. There is one that helps you clone your WooCommerce orders, one for abandoned cards and multiple carts, another for promos and referrals, and another for one-time purchases. Instead of trying to pick the best, simply read up on each one and ask if you would like the features and functions in your own website. In many cases, you are going to find features, functions and tools you didn't even know you wanted. Things like personalized URLs for your referrers is often considered a high-end promotional tool, and yet WP Masters offers it as one of many plugin features in a single package.

The Auto-Mailer Plugins

If you are using tools like MailChimp, then getting their plugin is a no-brainer. Plus, with the likes of MailChimp, you get a free account, up to 500 free subscribers, and up to 3000 email sending limit. As free trials go, that is not a bad offer. It gives you just enough time to get to grips with the systems and start making progress. If you have not made any impact by subscriber 501 or email 3001, then you already know that the email auto-sender is not for you. Having the features integrated into your business and/or eCommerce website is a matter of convenience and simplicity. If you are looking to have double-confirm newsletter and email tools on your website, then you can add them right away with these tools and then link them directly to your auto-mailer systems. Configuring the whole thing is far easier if you use the plugin too.

Yoast SEO

To be very clear, the SEO advice offered by this plugin (and all SEO plugins) is pretty useless. They run on very old ideas about SEO, and it makes them pretty useless when it comes to direct advice. It would be like trying to rewrite Shakespeare but taking all the advice that your spelling and grammar offers. The Yoast SEO tool helps by giving you things like easy access to your meta content so that you can add it more easily, and it highlights things that may not matter to your SEO, but that may highlight mistakes.

They use a red, yellow and green system to show you the quality of your work and your SEO. If they all say red (which is bad), then it won’t affect your SEO at all. However, its suggestions may draw your attention to certain things you may have done incorrectly. It is hard to explain why this is such a good plugin, even despite it being free, but think of how you use a spelling and grammar checker on your documents, well that is how you would use Yoast SEO on your website.

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