How digital technology is elevating salon services


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By Jennifer Raynes, freelance writer.

Beauty salons have not had an easy ride over the last few years. Despite the UK health & beauty industry seeing steady growth in the last decade with a beauty boom forecast for the next four years, salons have suffered since 2020.

Prolonged periods of lockdown saw sales figures plummet for high-street shops, particularly for outlets such as salons that rely on physical footfall. On top of that, additional hygiene and safety guidelines prevented salons from operating at capacity for much of 2021.

For the salons that survived the struggle, the future looks bright. The last twelve months, when salons were free to operate as normal, has proved that consumer demand is as high as ever. However, it will take time for beauty businesses to bounce back following a tough financial period.

One of the best ways for salons to generate bigger profits and increase overall sales is to introduce digital technology. This is such a significant part of our day-to-day lives that customers have come to expect it as part of the services offered by retail. Having the latest tech will also help to elevate your salon services, moving you towards luxury and likely expanding your client base.

The latest digital technology for beauty salons

Online booking system

First and most obviously, introducing an online booking system for your clients can be hugely beneficial for your salon.

Giving clients the option to book, rearrange, or cancel their appointment through a website reduces how much time your staff spend on the phone during their shift. It can also help you to refine your staff rota so that you have the perfect amount of people working for each shift. Clients will also welcome the convenience of being able to manage their bookings online.

Virtual reality technology

Virtual reality might inspire visions of gaming headsets, but this new technology has a number of uses that are incredibly beneficial to businesses.

For example, hairdressers could introduce an App that allows clients to upload their image and play around with potential styles and colours. This allows customers to experiment before committing to a new do which increases the likelihood of high client satisfaction after the appointment is complete. 

Intelligent hairbrushes

As well as helping to predict the outcome of a haircut, new technology can also be used by beauticians to achieve better results.

One of the most recent tools to hit the market are intelligent hairbrushes which digitally scan hair to report on the type, quality, and health. This gives hairdressers a better understanding of how the hair will react to certain treatments. There are also a variety of professional hair dryers available for salon owners that will deliver a perfect finish, such as styling tools with in-built drying technology for a long-lasting result.

Super skincare

Last but certainly not least are the new advancements in skincare technology.

Between the introduction of LED lights to promote cell repair to the use of ultrasound to tighten skin by encouraging the production of collagen, traditional facials seem to be a thing of the past. Clients seeking to achieve celebrity skin will want and expect to be able to try the latest in skincare tech.

New devices and methods are appearing all the time, so keep an eye out for technological advancements. The latest that is sure to prove popular is the use of lasers to treat acne and scarring.

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