Revolutionising retail transactions with SoftPoS


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By Brad Hyett, CEO at phos.

SoftPoS, also known as Software Point of Sale, is a software-based solution enabling merchants to convert their NFC-enabled smartphones or tablets into functional payment terminals.

The incorporation of SoftPoS technology in today's dynamic digital environment is reshaping payment encounters across various industries, from charities and festivals to coffee shops and major retailers. Traditionally, businesses had to invest in costly hardware, creating a hurdle for those eager to adopt digital payments.

Nevertheless, even larger retailers can capitalise on SoftPoS solutions due to the technology's ability to expedite queues and potentially boost in-store conversions. This holds significant implications for the future of retail payments, increasing sales and providing outstanding customer service for end-users. Beyond facilitating seamless transactions, SoftPoS solutions empower businesses to elevate customer interactions and foster sustainable growth. 

Enhancing Retail Growth through SoftPoS Innovations

SoftPoS offers a range of practical advantages for retailers, contributing significantly to business success. A key benefit lies in the streamlined payment procedures facilitated by NFC-enabled devices, not only expediting transaction times but also elevating the overall customer experience. In particular, large retailers can strategically deploy SoftPoS solutions at various locations within their stores, ensuring quicker and more convenient checkouts, especially during peak hours.

Imagine a bustling retail scenario during holiday seasons, where lengthy queues at checkout counters often result in customer frustration. SoftPoS technology tackles this issue by establishing additional payment points throughout the store. This approach enables store staff to assist customers with purchases directly on the shop floor, minimising the need to wait in line at the checkout. This increased mobility reduces queue lengths, ultimately leading to higher sales and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The accelerated transaction process increases the likelihood of customers completing their purchases, positively impacting overall sales figures. The seamless payment experience, coupled with reduced operational costs, makes SoftPoS solutions a cost-effective investment suitable for retailers of all sizes.

Revamping In-Store Checkout Processes

We are currently observing a shift where favoured payment methods and online experiences are being integrated into the in-store environment, mirroring trends seen in e-commerce. This includes features such as dynamic currency selection and buy now pay later (BNPL) becoming accessible on in-store devices or digital checkout terminals. A variety of payment options are now available to cater to individual preferences.

Retailers now have the opportunity to link loyalty point programs to specific, cost-effective payment methods, incentivising customers to choose those options. Open banking providers are innovating by introducing value-added features to make payments more appealing to consumers.

The adoption of SoftPoS technology holds significant advantages for large retailers. In this evolving landscape, the point of payment is turning into a more sophisticated realm, with biometric alternatives such as facial recognition and palm scanning gaining prominence. Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with these methods, as they already use them to unlock their mobile devices and access banking apps securely. Consequently, we might witness the incorporation of these biometric methods into the payment flow as well.

Embrace the Future with SoftPoS Innovation

SoftPoS is poised to revolutionise the operational dynamics of large retailers, enabling them to enhance sales opportunities and ensure customer satisfaction through exceptional service. By introducing enhanced mobility and strategically placing additional payment points within stores, SoftPoS technology offers real-time solutions to meet the escalating demand for convenient and immediate experiences.

This technology eliminates the costs associated with physical payment terminals while capitalising on the potential of mobile commerce, positioning retailers favourably in the continually evolving realm of contactless payments. By embracing this transformative trend, retailers position themselves at the forefront of innovation, ensuring customers enjoy a seamless and efficient payment process that aligns with the modern era of digital transactions.

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