CHAMP Cargosystems launches Traxon Global eCommerce to streamline compliance for e-commerce shipments under ICS2


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: CHAMP Cargosystems launches Traxon Global eCommerce to streamline compliance for e-commerce shipments under ICS2.

CHAMP Cargosystems has launched a new service, Traxon Global eCommerce (TGE), in an expansion of CHAMP’s Customs and security services.

Traxon Global eCommerce is purpose-built to address the requirements of cargo pre-load security filings and pre-arrival filings for e-commerce shipments under ICS2.

E-commerce holds tremendous opportunity for the air cargo industry, as a high-growth venture estimated to be worth 6.9 trillion USD in 2024 by Forbes with growth expected to continue.  

This latest phase of increased ICS2 requirements demands reporting at the House Air Waybill (HAWB) level, with the added complexity that each commodity must be reported separately.  This poses potential risks for the e-commerce industry if air carriers, freight forwarders, express courier service providers or postal operators do not ensure they have the processes or technology in place to respond to these new requirements.  

Companies like PTS Worldwide Express, international freight forwarding business operating out of Turkey, and the German branch of Shenzhen-based logistics company Harvest International, are already seeing this shift and have recognized the need for a tool that simplifies regulatory compliance.  

By leveraging CHAMP’s purpose-built solution, Traxon Global eCommerce, these companies will be able to grow e-commerce operations and expand into new global markets. By efficiently consolidating information from the sender and generating outputs in formats specified by relevant governmental agencies, Traxon Global eCommerce simplifies the cargo filing process. 

PTS Worldwide Express and Harvest International enjoy seamless compliance with regulatory standards such as ICS2, complete visibility throughout the cargo handling and clearance process, and access to a detailed history and archives. 

This will enable both businesses to grow their e-commerce operations, supported by our platform-agnostic, easily integrated software features, color-coded dashboards and ensure compliance with ICS2 pre-load and pre-arrival declaration requirements. 

Onur Ülseven, CEO of PTS AŞ said, “We are excited to be among Traxon Global eCommerce’s first customers! E-commerce growth is an important strategic element of our operations, and this is a much-needed tool that will place us ahead of the curve in the face of ICS2 regulations.” 

Nora Luo-Wahle, General Manager of Harvest Global Forwarding (Germany) GmbH, also stated, “Compliance with cargo pre-load security filings and pre-arrival filings for e-commerce is paramount, and we are glad to have found a solution in Traxon Global eCommerce. E-commerce is a booming industry and one that can be leveraged strategically for Harvest International’s growth, which can now be made possible with CHAMP’s easy-to-use solution.” 

CHAMP CEO Chris McDermott said, “We are extremely proud of the hard work, innovation, and brilliant execution that went into the creation of Traxon Global eCommerce. CHAMP’s portfolio is built on its open neo platform, enabling quick development, launch and integration with other CHAMP or third-party services. TGE is a fantastic tool, that will help air cargo businesses to expand into new markets, capitalize on the opportunity of e-commerce, and avoid costly delays by ensuring regulatory compliance quickly and cost-effectively.” 

As more pre-load and advance filing initiatives are adopted, customers will be able to use Traxon Global eCommerce to remain compliant with new and emerging regulations. The service will also seamlessly connect with fellow Traxon products such as Traxon Global Customs, Traxon CargoHUB, and Traxon Premium Tracking, as well as CHAMP’s cargo management suite, Cargospot, which is used by airlines and handlers. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution in navigating the complexities of ICS2 reporting, Traxon Global eCommerce is now available for interested air cargo businesses to adopt. 

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