Acer unveils new Chromebox Mini CXM1 for enhanced digital signage solutions


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: Acer unveils new Chromebox Mini CXM1 for enhanced digital signage solutions.

In an age where the digital landscape is rapidly evolving, businesses are increasingly seeking dynamic, responsive and interactive ways to engage with audiences.

Digital signage and interactive kiosks stand at the forefront of this transformation

The digital signage market is expected to see strong growth in the next few years up to $30.56 billion in 2028, thanks to the emergence of smart cities, demand for real-time information, focus on employee communication, and expansion in transportation and hospitality sectors.

Acer addresses the market’s growing demand with small computers designed to power any setup, providing flexibility, security and ease of use, high-resolution displays and custom displays tailored for storefronts and areas where visibility is paramount.

Acer's solutions provide end-to-end ecosystems designed to drive digital transformation efforts through integration, so small and medium-sized enterprises can communicate easily, and effectively with their customers, even remotely.

Acer Chromebox Mini CXM1: at the core of digital signage systems

To manage digital signage systems, Acer has designed the Acer Chromebox Mini CXM1. This small computer can handle up to three video outputs simultaneously, thanks to its 2x HDMI 1.4b and 1x USB Type C ports, which add versatility to a variety of display configurations. Its compact and sleek design ensures it can be integrated seamlessly into your digital signage setup without being intrusive, while the fanless architecture contributes to silent and reliable operation, crucial for continuous, uninterrupted use.

The device also features the latest connectivity options, including Wi-Fi 6E, BluetoothTM 5.2 and a Gigabit Ethernet port, providing robust network performance without compromise. To tailor to different setups, the Acer Chromebox Mini CXM1 comes with optional accessories, including a USB keyboard and mouse, as well as a VESA mount kit, guaranteeing full compatibility with any type of LFD display and digital signage systems.

Seamless integration and management

Powered by ChromeOS, the Acer Chromebox Mini CXM1 is a versatile choice for a range of applications, from high-traffic retail spaces to interactive educational environments. ChromeOS offers fast deployment, automatic security updates every 4-6 weeks and long-term support to ensure consistent reliability and performance. Additionally, the cloud-based Google Admin console allows for extensive customisation with configurable policies for remote management.

The Acer Chromebox Mini CXM1 can be paired with Kiosk & Signage Upgrade, offering advanced security controls, streamlined management, and scalable IT monitoring, making it a perfect addition to cater for the increasingly demanding digital signage needs.

Transforming businesses with advanced digital solutions

The new Acer Chromebox Mini CXM1 joins Acer’s existing line-up of digital signage solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the market, including a vast range of Large Format Displays (LFD). From high-resolution 4K LFD displays and immersive, expansive video walls to interactive whiteboards and specialised window-facing solutions, Acer proposes LFD solutions to a multitude of business environments.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with any type of screen through the VESA mounting kit, the Acer Chromebox Mini CXM1 furthers Acer's commitment to combining cutting-edge technology with practical applications, providing businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools for impactful advertising, information sharing and customer interaction.

A complete range of large-format displays

Acer’s large format displays are the cornerstone of any high-traffic environment. Whether it’s for retail engagement, education or corporate collaboration, Acer’s range is designed for consistent performance and stunning clarity to captivate the audience time and time again.

The wide range of Acer Large Format Displays offers solutions for any need: for promotional needs and round-the-clock operation as the DV series, to capture the attention with 4K large format display DV5K series, for educational content, presentations and collaborative projects that need touch screen displays and interactive whiteboards thanks to the DT series, expansive video walls for immersive experiences, thanks to sleek, narrow-bezel designs for seamless daisy-chained installations with DW series.

With robust management tools and always up-to-date security, Acer displays maintain peak performance with minimal maintenance, freeing customers to focus on creating compelling content that engages their audience.

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