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EPOS or Electronic Point of Sale software is found in the majority of retail businesses. An EPOS system generally consists of a VDU (Visual Display Unit) and a PC and the system may also include additional equipment such as a scanner or a printer, depending on the requirements of the business. A traditional EPoS system is where the software is deployed locally on the till hardware and is generally found at the 'checkout' of a business, but can be linked to other terminals in the 'back' of the business and can even be linked to the business' website. 


Tesco orders ZBD EPOP displays

Tesco orders ZBD EPOP displays

Tesco has ordered 2,500 electronic point of purchase displays (EPOPs) from ZBD for its latest milestone store.

EPOS or Electronic Point of Sale

By linking the EPOS system to the business' website, customers are provided with real-time information regarding stock, through the use of automatic stock control. Links to other terminals within the shop results in greater control over the business as a whole. Extended retail EPoS software facilities include instant messaging direct to point of sale, time and attendance management, a central document sharing facility, and cash/safe management. .Cloud based EPOS means retailers access it via the internet giving retailers real time access.

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