How RFID technology for inventory management can also be leveraged for employee access control


This article is brought to you by Retail Technology Review: How RFID technology for inventory management can also be leveraged for employee access control.

By David Burns, freelance writer.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an identification system that works through radio frequencies that can track and identify authorised entry tools such as fobs and key cards. Not only is RFID a significant security measure, but it also provides your team with a reliable and efficient method of access.

In this article, we will cover the ins and outs of RFID technology and how your business can maximize this technology for employee access control.

The main components of an RFID access control systems

To successfully introduce this kind of access control system to your business, it is always beneficial to understand the way it works. This ensures that if any software issues arise, you will be able to find the root cause and explain the system accurately to your employees who will be required to use it. 

There are four main components of a RFID entry system; tag, reader, control panel, and door release. The user's access credential (fob or keycard) is referred to as a tag, and the tag stores identifiable information within it, which the reader picks up on. If the access credential is recognized by the reader, the control panel will grant access accordingly. This then initiates door release, allowing the user access to the room.

The RFID activity data is automatically stored, making it easy for you to assess who enters the building at certain times, further leveraging your security and understanding of staff activity.

RFID smart door locks to secure inventory rooms

Perhaps, if you are a big business with various teams, you need rooms with higher security than others. In addition, inventory rooms that house extensive data and documentation may be seen as high risk, so in this case, having RFID smart locks is even more of a necessity.

Having cloud-enabled smart locks is a good road to go down regarding inventory management and securing rooms. This is because you can manage and keep track of entries in real-time while also being able to control if the room is locked or unlocked from wherever you are. This also gives your employees peace of mind when moving around the building as they don't need to worry about locking the door.

A crucial element of inventory management is keeping a record of all stock and products currently being stored, so having RFID technology in place is a way to make your life much easier. If any stock becomes unaccounted for, you can look back on entries and recognize who could be responsible for losses.

Integrating smart locks with video security

If you do opt for cloud-based RFID access control systems, you will be able to integrate your smart locks with video security. This isn't essential, but it does provide an extra layer of protection and security to your office.

The main reason mainly business owners do this is because RFID technology can be stolen and manipulated by criminals. For example, it wouldn't be overly difficult to steal a fob from an employee. So, to combat this risk factor, you can use a video security access system that identifies the visitor at the door.

You can choose from video systems that just let you see the visitor's identity, or you could opt for an intercom video system that requires the visitor to speak as well as being identified through video.

The benefits of RFID access control systems

Although all the above points regarding smart locks are mainly positive, you may still wonder how installing an RFID access control system will benefit your workplace. Here are a few of those reasons;

  • Your office space will reduce fomite infections as your entry systems will be contactless, meaning fewer bacteria and viruses will be spread amongst surfaces that your whole team touches.

  • RFID systems are straightforward to use and will save the business time when it comes to cutting keys and changing locks.

  • Your employees will benefit from the efficient and independent credential access control they have, as they will not have to ring bills and wait for someone to answer the door to let them into the building.

  • Bosses can work at home if operating through a cloud-based RFID system, as you are able to unlock doors and access entry information through the cloud. This is desirable to many bosses, as you can go about your everyday tasks without having to be on-site to grant employees access.


RFID technology is a secure and viable option for businesses that want to leverage employee access control while also upping their security measures when assessing and reviewing on-site visitors. If you want to improve your staff's experience in the workplace and manage your inventory more securely, an RFID smart locking system could be an excellent option for you.

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