Ranked: The most online shopping obsessed cities in the UK


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With over 80% of the UK’s population making online purchases in 2023, it’s safe to say online shopping has become an integral part of our modern consumer culture. Across the United Kingdom, cities are embracing e-commerce in unique ways - but who loves online shopping the most?

Jason Higgs, the Senior Deals Strategist at Bountii, discusses the distinctive online shopping behaviours observed across various cities of the UK.

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The Northern Quest For Bargains And Style

In cities like Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, and Liverpool, Northern shoppers are embracing the convenience and style offered by online retailers. Despite the vibrant street markets and bustling shopping districts, Northern residents are turning to online platforms for their shopping needs. 

Jason says, ‘The allure of browsing through a vast selection of fashion-forward clothing, cutting-edge tech gadgets, and trendy home decor items from the comfort of their homes appeals to their busy urban lifestyles. Moreover, online shopping provides access to exclusive deals and discounts, allowing Northern shoppers to stay stylish without breaking the bank.’

Midlands Mix: Tradition Meets Technology

In the Midlands, cities like Birmingham and Coventry offer a unique blend of tradition and modernity to the shopping experience. While consumers in the Midlands appreciate the charm of local markets and the personalised service of brick-and-mortar stores, they also recognize the convenience and variety offered by online retailers. 

For them, online shopping complements the traditional shopping experience, providing access to a wider range of products and brands. Whether seeking handcrafted artisanal goods or state-of-the-art tech products, Midlands shoppers value the flexibility and choice that online platforms offer while still supporting their local businesses.

Scottish Shoppers: Ethical and Eco-Conscious

Jason explains, ‘In Scotland, shoppers in cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow prioritise sustainability and ethical practices when making purchasing decisions. While Scotland's picturesque landscapes offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor markets and boutique shopping, Scottish consumers are increasingly turning to online platforms that align with their values.’

They seek out eco-friendly products, organic goods, and Fairtrade items, reflecting their deep-rooted commitment to environmental stewardship. Online shopping allows Scottish consumers to access a wider range of sustainable options and make conscious choices that contribute to a greener future.

Southern Splurge: Diversity and Choice

In the cosmopolitan hubs of Bristol and London, Southern shoppers revel in the diversity and convenience offered by online retailers. Despite the allure of iconic shopping streets and luxury boutiques, Southern residents are drawn to the vast array of options available online. 

From multicultural marketplaces to niche boutiques, online platforms offer unparalleled choice and variety, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of Southern consumers. Moreover, online shopping eliminates the constraints of geography and opening hours, allowing Southern shoppers to explore a world of possibilities from the comfort of their homes.

Jason believes, ‘As digital platforms continue to evolve and innovate, the future of online shopping in the UK promises to offer even greater convenience, choice, and accessibility to consumers nationwide.’ Whether browsing for essentials or indulging in luxury purchases, the diversity of online shopping experiences in these cities highlights the enduring appeal of e-commerce in meeting the diverse needs and preferences of UK shoppers.

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