95% of IT leaders concerned about mainframe modernisation backlog


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Some 95% of IT leaders across industries have voiced concerns over the implications of not modernising applications and data running on mainframe systems.

Experts predict that business agility, customer experience, and technology compatibility will suffer from a mounting modernisation backlog. These are findings of an in-depth research study conducted by the Information Services Group (ISG), the global technology research and advisory firm, commissioned by LzLabs. ISG surveyed 164 IT leaders responsible for mainframe operations.

“In this era of technological dynamism, undertaking modernisation is not merely advantageous but compulsory,” states Thilo Rockmann, CEO, LzLabs GmbH. “As the study highlights, the ´risk and cost of doing nothing´ is not an option.”

Forward-thinking IT infrastructure

Experts advocate exemplary strategic framing and discerning vendor selection to set objectives effectively and lay a solid foundation for mainframe modernisation. “By providing the necessary expertise, tools, and partnership, LzLabs empowers its clients to embrace a forward-thinking IT infrastructure,” says Thilo Rockmann.

Antiquity of application code

According to the study, the principal risk is not the age of the hardware but rather the antiquity of application code and traditional technology languages such as COBOL and Assembler.

Potential of GenAI and modern AI algorithms

The research also highlights the burgeoning potential of GenAI and modern AI algorithms, which necessitate rapid access to transactional data. The majority of respondents concur that embracing cloud-native technologies is integral to the thriving of IT operations.

Challenges and Opportunities

The study also reveals the challenges to modernisation, including the labyrinth of migration ventures and a scarcity of specialised talent. Cultural change and regulatory compliance issues also stand as formidable obstacles. Only 46% of modernisation initiatives so far met with "very successful" or "successful" outcomes.

Most notably, an incremental, systematic approach to modernisation is the future strategy of choice, with 56% of respondents opting for the rehosting method—transitioning applications to the cloud without modification.

LzLabs stands prepared to underscore the recommendations stemming from ISG's research and equip businesses with state-of-the-art solutions to confront the challenges of modernisation. Assisting clients in setting their aspirations, augmenting their capabilities, and advancing confidently towards an innovative IT architecture reflects the core of the LzLabs ethos.

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