Kiosk Terminals

A kiosk is a small physical structure (often including a computer and a display screen) that displays information and merchandise for people walking by. A number of companies specialize in creating multimedia kiosks & come pre-packaged with software,designed to handle specific tasks. Kiosks are usually designed for "self-service," meaning customers may use the device without outside instruction.


Design-your-own-kiosk solution

Design-your-own-kiosk solution

Databac Group, specialist provider of identification solutions, announces Dataimage Kiosk

Touchscreen Application Tips

Ten simple tips that can make your touch enabled kiosk applications a Success!

New high performance solution for kiosk printing

New high performance solution for kiosk printing

A new ultra fast, rugged, high quality thermal printer introduced by Trident is claimed to provide an ideal solution for integrating into a wide range of kiosks.

ViVOtech Launches ViVOpay Kiosk add-on Contactless Module for Worldwide Unattended Markets

New ViVOpay Module Enables Contactless Payments For New and Legacy Kiosk Systems Designed for Indoor or Outdoor Environments.

The Time is Right for Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service ordering kiosks have been in use for more than four years. The reasons for their staying power are many, but the bottom-line is that kiosks please both c-stores and their customers.

New Vandal-resistant Touch Screens from 3M Target Self-service and ATM Applications

New Vandal-resistant Touch Screens from 3M Target Self-service and ATM Applications

3M has launched a new ToughTouch capacitive touch screen for self-service kiosks and ATM applications.

Advances in technology have allowed many kiosks to forego the traditional mouse- and-keyboard layout in favour of touch-screens. Kiosks have become familiar sights in shopping centres, selling everything from inexpensive gift items to pricey jewelry and artwork. They make retail space affordable for the small-business owner. Kiosks have contributed to one of the hottest trends in retailing-temporary tenants. Some of these are seasonal businesses that only need to be open for a limited time. Kiosks can offer a low cost solution for start up retailers to test products in a retail setting before making the larger investment in a traditional store.

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